Orenco manufactures both residential and commercial tertiary treatment systems. The Advantex product line requires a septic tank before the unit and a dispersal field after. The unit recieves effluent from the septic tank which is trickled through a moist, porous media. Microorganisms growing in the media remove the impurities from the effluent. The effluent is recirculated an average of 4 times before being sent to the dispersal field.

These units are well suited for replacement systems as well as new construction where a smaller dispersal field is required.


  • Advantex AX-RT is completely pre-packaged, “plug & play” waste water treatment system
  • All interior components are assembled and adjusted at the factory = easy installation
  • Low electrical usage and minimum maintenance required
  • The system is operated and monitored by a Vericom panel. This provides peace of mind to homeowners in the event of an alarm, the service provider can often diagnose the problem remotely and can adjust the panel’s programming to correct the problem.