The patented Waterloo Biofilter wastewater treatment system uses a specially engineered foam filteration medium to effciently treat residential and commercial wastewaters.Developed and manufactured in Ontario to work in our colder climate, the Waterloo Biofilter is known in the industry for its outstanding consistency, longevity, low power consumption and nutrient removal capabilities.

Intended Use:

Designed to work in the most difficult sites, the Waterloo Biofilter is the system of choice for small lots, clay soils, bedrock, high water table, and enviromentally sensitive areas. The unique filtration medium is ideal for both seasonal and year-round homes and cottages, and can easily be scaled up for commercial use such as at schools, campgrounds and golf courses.


  • Permanent filtration medium is warranted for 20 years
  • Lowest long-term operating costs in the industry
  • Smallest footprint approved in Ontario
  • Four residential configurations available makes finding a solution for your specific site constraints and preferences easy
  • No high-energy air compressor needed
  • Electricity-free option available if site elevations permit